I was asked this week why a business owner should choose Unalp CPA over a bookkeeper. After all, doesn’t Unalp CPA do the same thing as a bookkeeper, and won’t outsourced CFO services cost more? The answer (in most cases) is yes and NO! Let me explain based on the following factors.

The Problem

Many bookkeepers simply don’t know enough about your business to properly classify income and expenses, and they’re also not a tax CPA. This is a problem because it compromises your ability to strategize to get the greatest benefit from your accounting. We have bookkeepers on staff and they help us with basic bookkeeping services. So yes, in some ways we do the same thing. However, there is one big difference when it comes to outsourced CFO services.

Our bookkeepers have access to a CPA who helps guide them. Without this guidance, things are often classified incorrectly or just missed. This can cause real trouble with potential deductions at tax time. And, of course, it can also hurt your business when a basic bookkeeper fails to properly track the correct flows of money.

Our Outsourced CFO Services

High Tech

We are high tech at Unalp CPA. All of our staff have time set aside for training on the latest technology. We look to use that technology to bring down the price of accounting and bookkeeping for our clients. I am required as a Certified Public Accountant to take at least 80 hours every two years of professional education, and I take much more than that to stay current on new developments in accounting.

I also look at new technology that is being offered each year to see how it could benefit my clients. Few bookkeepers prioritize continuing education and they don’t know what they don’t know. Our outsourced CFO services provide much more value than a bookkeeper.

High Touch

We are also high touch at Unalp CPA. We have a Client Advocate on staff to make sure our clients can always talk to an expert. This means your questions are answered quickly and by the right person. We also set frequent meetings with clients, depending on their needs. Unfortunately, since bookkeepers are usually buried in paperwork, it’s much harder to get their attention.

Pay For Exactly What You Need

With Unalp CPA, you get and pay for exactly what you need. A bookkeeper can’t provide outsourced CFO services, and they can’t offer suggestions to better your business, function as a tax CPA, or help you make decisions that could increase your future cash flow. With our staff, you get a fractional bookkeeper for bookkeeping services as well as a fractional Accounting Manager who will do the review. And finally, fractional CFO services to review the books and make suggestions for your business that are related to cash flow and other important metrics to drive your company.

Project Your Cash Balance For Next Year

Does working with a bookkeeper feel like you’re driving your business by looking in the rear-view mirror? At Unalp CPA, we have a predictive technology called DYNAMIC ACCOUNTING that forecasts your cash balance in your bank. It analyzes what cash balance you have on hand now and uses your history to project your cash balance for the next year. Most accountants and bookkeepers won’t project your cash flow for you, but this is critical. You have the opportunity to look at financial data in the future rather than in the past.

No Unexpected Fees

Most bookkeepers bill on an hourly basis, which can add up fast and lead to unexpected fees. We bill a flat rate each month that is agreed on at the beginning of the engagement.  The hourly rate doesn’t matter. We want you to be able to call us without worrying about being billed.

Outsourcing Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Unalp CPA is a CPA firm that handles bookkeeping services, but we do so much more.  Business owners who only hire bookkeepers are missing out on opportunities to supercharge their business finances into finely-tuned instruments that help them realize their dreams. Usually our rates are the same or less than a freelance bookkeeper because we use technology to reduce costs and the hours required to do the work.

Outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping services to a CPA is simply a more efficient way to get things done. Do you have questions? We’re here to help. Contact Unalp CPA Group by calling (925) 256-6321, or click here to send an email.