Does the mention of the word “audit” send waves of anxiety through you? Are the organization’s annual audits an excruciating period of stress for everyone?

The anxiety and stress you feel are likely due to ongoing problems with your infrastructure and workflows. Correct this, and life will be significantly better – in many ways.

Nonprofit accounting: Do you have the right people?

Who are the people tasked with the accounting responsibilities of the organization? Are they professional accountants? Is the person tasked with accounting also responsible for other duties? If the accounting position in your organization is a hybrid (accounting plus other duties) that’s the root of the problem.

“Most not-for-profits begin with volunteers and inexperienced professionals, but as the organization grows, they usually continue with those same hiring practices. As a result, they create legacy problems that continue year after year” (Accounting Today)

Right now, you might be thinking, “If we could afford to hire experienced accounting professionals as full-time staff, we would.”

There is another option: outsourcing. Your monthly fee for outsourcing (in most cases) is less of a cost to the organization than bringing on a FTE (full time employee) with the right credentials.

Our clients know that Unalp CPA Group will execute accounting duties and maintain orderly workflows and practices so that there is no mad scramble for documents come audit time.

Nonprofit accounting: Do you have the right systems?

What Will Your Audit Reveal?Chances are if there isn’t a professional accounting person on staff, there isn’t a nonprofit software solution in place. Each department is creating and maintaining their own spreadsheets to manage programs and projects. This is not an ideal scenario by a long shot. Errors, inaccuracies, multiple versions of a budget or report are all symptoms of manual processes.

Evaluating, selecting, purchasing and maintain software solutions is a difficult burden for most nonprofit organizations. Another benefit of outsourcing to Unalp CPA Group is access to modern, AICPA-endorsed, nonprofit accounting solutions. You’ll begin receiving accurate reporting in a timely fashion.

We’ll work with you and your auditor to make sure that there is easy access to needed information. Why not approach your next audit with confidence and peace of mind? Contact Unalp CPA Group – we’d love to discuss your specific needs, challenges and aspirations.

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