Our Services

Outsourced Accounting Department

Whether you are temporarily in between hires or you have decided on outsourcing as an ongoing accounting solution for your organization, enjoy worry-free outsourced accounting services with Unalp.

With Unalp, a Certified Public Accountant will oversee your daily operational accounting, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best.  We process your accounts payable and payroll as well as record your activity daily.  All accounts are reconciled at the end of each month.  We prepare your financial statements and meet with you monthly to discuss the numbers and what they mean for your practice or organization.

Why scramble and stress over accounting duties when you can outsource to Unalp? Our services are tailored to your needs – you gain clarity, control, and confidence about your organization’s numbers with Unalp.  We also look for ways our clients might better manage cash flow and revenue cycles to ensure that expenses are accounted for. You’ll enjoy the professional-to-professional access with Unalp. You might even find yourself wishing you had outsourced sooner.


Our seamless bookkeeping is designed to your accounting records in order.  This service is for the Executive Director, Practice Manager, or other staffer who runs a practice or program and pays the bills, has revenue responsibility, uses a credit card, and needs reporting after-the-fact to keep track of the organization’s finances.  Based on your preference, this service can be enhanced so your bills are paid on a daily basis.  You will have access to your accounting system anytime you need it.  This is designed for the Executive Director or Managing Partner who needs minimal advice and assistance.


We can process your payroll and file your payroll tax returns.  Find out how efficient it can be to have a paperless payroll.  We will provide your employees with logins so they can see all their information and obtain their W-2’s.  This will save you hours of time.  Unalp is here to guide you through what can be a complicated process.  When you rely on Unalp you don’t need to become a payroll expert, you have our expertise working on your behalf.

Tax Support

Once we’ve started doing bookkeeping and accounting for our clients, frequently they’ll ask us to do their business and personal taxes.  Consider working with us for support in your tax preparation and planning needs.  Because we work on your bookkeeping and accounting, we can advise you throughout the year on financial moves that are in your best interest both economically and from a tax perspective.  With our expertise and knowledge of your practice or organization, you can count on receiving the tax deductions to which you are entitled.  Your tax record are always available to you in our secure system.

Our Technology

We host accounting records on Xero or Quickbooks for clients who have simple bookkeeping needs. For more complicated needs, we use Intacct, the preferred accounting system of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the top-rated cloud accounting system.  We also work with Nexonia, Bill.com, and Expensify.

You don’t want to become an application software expert – we understand.  We stay up to speed on the latest in technology and applications, putting the best the market offers.  You’ll derive all of the benefit from state-of-the-art software without the hassle of implementation, data migration, or system maintenance.

You’ll have access to your reports and data – we’ll take care of the rest.  We’ll even develop customized dashboards for you to keep your real time key metrics and key performance indicators right at your fingertips – and on any device providing internet access.  Whether you’re in the office at your desk or in the field with your smart phone, you’ll always have access.