Healthcare Organizations

Unalp CPA Group, Inc. provides outsourced accounting for Healthcare Organizations.

You want to serve your patients, not struggle over accounting.

Few entities are as complex to manage as today’s healthcare organizations.  Subject to stringent regulatory requirements and trying to navigate the political impact on third party payers while providing the best healthcare treatment to your patients – is a daunting task. 

Outsourcing your accounting to Unalp could be the best administrative action you take in the coming year.

When you work with Unalp you obtain:

 Unprecedented Clarity.

Unimpeded Access.

Uncompromising Excellence.

“Working with Unalp CPA Group is the perfect solution for us.”

When CFO Steve Baker was brought on board to assess the accounting department and make necessary improvements, he soon had compiled a list of significant fixes that had to happen. Read how Baker turned to Unalp CPA Group to help him transform the accounting function at Mercator MedSystems.

Professional to professional

When you work with Unalp, you are working with credentialed professionals – not junior or entry-level accountants. It’s one of the things our clients value most – the ability to collaborate professional to professional.  It’s what we mean when we say unimpeded access.  If you have a question or want input on a strategic question, you’ll talk to our leaders.  You won’t be passed off to an accountant just out of school.

Professionals are now mobile professionals.

Whether you are in the office, at home, at a conference or on the beach, you may access your information with any device you chose – laptop or smart phone, PC or Mac.  As long as you have access to an Internet browser, it doesn’t matter what device or operating system you or your partners have.

Support at a new level.

While large accounting firms offer outsourced accounting, they don’t offer the type of VIP support you’d like to have.  Like the First Class section of the jet, there are amenities and a level of attention available to you from Unalp that the big accounting firms simply can’t offer. From small practices to Kaiser Permanente, our clients are more than pleased with their decision to go with Unalp.

Services with your MANAGEMENT goals in mind

Is your objective to make your practice more profitable?  Are you growing through acquisition?  Are you adding new treatment services to your practice?  Are you ready to begin planning an exit strategy?  Every practice is different, and Unalp offers a variety of outsourcing arrangements to address the specific needs of your practice.  What doesn’t vary is the uncompromising excellence that we bring to your account.  Best practices, the highest level of expertise, and a commitment to helping you achieve your goals –that’s what you can expect from Unalp.

High touch and high tech

The old paradigm of outsourced accounting being a cottage industry for bookkeepers has been replaced with new era professional firms like Unalp that combine the best accounting talent with best-in-class technology.

Unalp uses Intacct financial accounting solution as your accounting system – a system endorsed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).  Cloud-based, it means that you can access the system via the Internet.  Your financial reports allow drill down to the transactional level.  This means that when you are reviewing reports, any questions regarding what’s included in a line item can be investigated with a click.  Why are the expenses for supplies so high?  Simply click on the link and see all the transactions and details of the purchases that make up that total.  We use other market leading software such as Xero and on behalf of our clients as well.

No hiring expense or hassle.

Outsourcing means you can keep your admin costs lean. Our experience has taught us that the last thing practices want to do is hire accounting staff.  The second to the last thing they want do is handle the accounting themselves.  Outsourcing your accounting to Unalp eliminates the hire or do-it-yourself headache for good.

The information you need when you need it.

Our promise of unprecedented clarity means that you have the financial information you need when you need it.  You’ll know your cash position.  You’ll know which expenses have been paid and budget status.  You’ll have the reports you need with time to analyze them before you meet with other partners.