Download the Mercator MedSystems Case Study

And learn how this innovative medical device organization benefits from Unalp CPA Group.

When CFO Steve Baker was brought on board to assess the accounting department and make necessary improvements, he soon had compiled a list of significant fixes that had to happen. Read how Baker turned to Unalp CPA Group to help him transform the accounting function at Mercator MedSystems.

“Working with Unalp CPA Group is the perfect solution for us.  In addition to the confidence of knowing that our accounting is accurate and completed in a timely fashion, with Unalp, we have the ability to scale, we can have separation of duties, and access to expert resources.  I’m a huge fan.”  – Steve Baker, CFO

When you work with Unalp CPA Group you gain:

Unprecedented Clarity.
Unimpeded Access.
Uncompromising Excellence.
Unalp Accounting Services.
✓ It’s all about U!

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