Finance Diagnostic Assessment for Nonprofit Organizations

Finance Diagnostic Assessment for Nonprofit Organizations


Unalp CPA Group offers a Finance Diagnostic Assessment (FDA) for Nonprofit Organizations to provide a baseline assessment and written analysis on the challenges and risks of the organization as well as a full report including an action plan and opportunities to implement best practices.

Armed with the findings of our Finance Diagnostic Assessment, you can begin improving the financial operations of the organization and bring about a new level of excellence in transparency, accountability and stewardship.


People, Proficiency and Technology

The Finance Diagnostic Assessment reviews your existing staffing structure, staff capabilities, and the technology environment. Unalp CPA Group assesses these aspects of your organization and compares them against sector best practices, and then identifies areas where you finance organization can increase its effectiveness and efficiency. The ultimate goal is to use the assessment to provide greater support to the organization’s executive team, board members, and program managers.


Finance Diagnostic Assessment for Nonprofit Organizations

Unalp CPA Group Finance Diagnostic Assessment for Nonprofits

Our professional accounting team will identify opportunities for your nonprofit to:

• Improve operational efficiency by streamlining business processes and reducing costs
• Reduce risk by strengthening internal controls
• Review existing technology and recommend either increasingly leveraging existing technology or recommending new technology that will better serve the needs of the organization
• Eliminate or reduce low-value activities – inefficient, duplicate, and/or manual activities – that are an impediment to greater efficiency and stewardship

When we have completed our assessment, we will provide you with a detailed report which you can share with your board and leadership team as you move forward. This report gives you:

• An independent analysis of the challenges the finance team faces
• Documentation of the actions and costs required to improve the current situation
• Analysis of potential risks on the horizon if problem areas are not remediated
• A realistic timeline mapping the time required to deploy recommended solutions


An objective view and a detailed path forward

Finance Diagnostic Assessment for Nonprofit Organizations


• Where do we start?
• Which action items should be the priority?
• Which investments should we make – people or technology?
• What are our options?
• Can we afford them?

These are the questions that executive directors and board members regularly ask. Armed with the findings of the Unalp CPA Group Finance Diagnostic Assessment for Nonprofits, you now have the answers.

Let us help you see how the plan would unfold. We recommend options, affordable options, that you may not have realized were available. Because we work with a variety of nonprofits and technology solutions, we can make a reasonable, affordable recommendation.

The confidence and clarity necessary to attract additional sources of funding

You have a mission. Your financial accounting should be facilitating your growth and impact – not thwarting it. Unalp CPA Group can give you the proper steps to take.

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