Finance Diagnostic Assessment a Valuable Tool in Organizational Improvement for Nonprofits

As the leader of your nonprofit organization, you know how important continuous improvement is. In the eyes of your many stakeholders, if you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind.

It’s hard to improve an area where you don’t have deep expertise, the accounting department, for example. Yet, this is any area that is so crucial to transparency, stewardship and accountability. Why not have an expert come in and do a diagnostic?

Nonprofit Finance Diagnostic Assessment – Expert, Objective Review

With a Nonprofit Finance Diagnostic Assessment (FDA), you’ll have access to an accounting expert with 27 years of experience, bringing knowledge of best practices, understanding of regulations and compliance issues, and exposure to hundreds of organizations. This kind of experience is rare, but it is exactly the kind of experience Unalp CPA Group has to offer your nonprofit organization.

Findings and Recommendations Report You Can Share with the Board of your Nonprofit

Once Unalp CPA Group has completed the FDA, the finding will be compiled in a report. Where there are problem areas, we will summarize the problem and offer possible solutions to the challenge.

You’ll know what’s working and what not working – and we’ll help you prioritize so that you can move forward in the most proficient fashion.

Share this report with your board, zeroing in on the areas that need to be addressed and gain their buy-in and strategic input.

Why not begin 2018 with rigorous assessment of the accounting department to enhance your command of the financial health of the organization?

People, Proficiency and Technology

The Finance Diagnostic Assessment reviews your existing staffing structure, staff capabilities, and the technology environment. Unalp CPA Group assesses these aspects of your organization and compares them against sector best practices, and then identifies areas where you finance organization can increase its effectiveness and efficiency. The ultimate goal is to use the assessment to provide greater support to the organization’s executive team, board members, and program managers.

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