Your Nonprofit has a mission. Your duty as Executive Director is to fulfill that mission.

The good news is that you have successfully secured the grants and donations necessary to fund your programs. The bad news is that with each new source of funding there are financial reporting requirements that must be addressed.

You realize that something has to be done – but you don’t want to sink money into hiring full time expertise to handle the accounting, not to mention the cost of the software solutions and the possible need for information technology (IT) expertise to support those solutions.

The perfect solution for many nonprofits that find themselves in this position is to outsource their accounting. Unalp works with nonprofits to free them from the day-to-day accounting duties so that they can focus on managing their programs and deliver the services their constituents and community rely on.

Executive DirectorOutsourcing is affordable alternative for nonprofits who don’t have the internal staff resources or the budget for an in-house accounting staff and on-premises software solution and server. The monthly fee for outsourcing is far more budget-friendly than the significant up-front costs of purchasing nonprofit accounting software and the supporting infrastructure.

Even nonprofits with greater financial resources are finding it difficult to recruit and retain the talent and expertise necessary to deliver needed accounting, reporting, and budgeting capabilities.

Unalp works with nonprofits to solve the accounting gap. We have the human and technology resources to quickly get your accounting under control. We use state-of-the-art, secure, cloud-based systems that allow us to execute on your behalf and allow you anytime, anywhere access to your financial information.

You can rest assured that your funding is being properly allocated and reported, bills are paid on time, and all program managers have real-time insight on their budget and expenses. We provide the expertise and technology so that you can focus on your mission – improving programs and services, extending your reach within the community, investigate new sources of funding, attend to donors, and better inform the board.

If you feel suffocated by cumbersome and time-consuming accounting duties, we can help. Contact us and we’ll discuss the possible solutions to your unique challenges and how Unalp nonprofit accounting outsourcing could work for your organization.