3 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Benefit from a Unalp Financial Diagnostic Assessment

A Financial Diagnostic Assessment (FDA) is a comprehensive look at your financial processes, systems, and personnel. It’s an assessment of the accounting department – strengths and weaknesses.

This is a paid service. The average cost will be between $1500 and $2500 depending on the size and complexity of your organization. It is conducted at your office by one of our CPAs. After a day or two at your office, we take our findings, analyze the data, and return to you with a documented comprehensive report of findings. This report not only prioritizes next steps and which actions need the most immediate attention, it also includes recommendations and possible options for you.

Why would your nonprofit make an investment in a Financial Diagnostic Assessment?

3 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Benefit from a Unalp Financial Diagnostic Assessment:

An unflinching, objective view of your accounting – You owe it to your constituents and the sustainability of your mission to get serious about disciplined accounting practices. Accountability and transparency begin with sound financials. Having a professional third party examine and assess your processes means that you will have an objective, third party analysis and detailed report to share with your executive team, managers, and the board.

A clear path forward: where to start and what to do – Struggling with accounting and financial reporting is natural growing pain for nonprofits. However, in order to ensure that you receive additional sources of funding, your financial house must be in order. Evidence of order and discipline in your money management is important to donor and funders.

The Financial Diagnostic Assessment organizes and defines necessary next steps and prioritizes all issues and recommendations. Our final report will serve as a roadmap. The FDA report will explain where to start and what to do.

An expert resource to counsel you – We bring 27 years plus of experience to your assessment. We’ve got the professional credentials as well as “in the trenches” experience. Throughout the years we’ve seen the best and the worst of accounting practices within nonprofits and healthcare organizations – and we know what measure need to be taken and how to fix it.

Until we perform your assessment, we can’t know what will the recommendation will be for your organization, but we do promise to give you the VIP treatment that we provide our clients. You’ll appreciate the access and counsel we can give.

Now is the perfect time to start

For those of you wanting to get started let us point you straight to the top of our organization. Please call our founder and president of Unalp CPA Group, Jeff Unalp. He will answer any questions you might have:

Jeff Unalp, CPA

Regardless of your organization’s fiscal year, the best time for a Financial Assessment Diagnostic is sooner rather than later. One thing that is true for all nonprofits: better financial management improves every aspect of your operations.