Why do outcome metrics matter for nonprofit organizations?

The importance of outcome measures can be seen from a variety of perspectives and functions within the nonprofit organization. These include:

Funding—In a competitive environment, the ability to define, measure, monitor, and report the metrics that define success can encourage new and additional funding from donors, foundations, and other benefactors. For instance, demonstrating achievement of key milestones can unlock subsequent rounds of multi-year grants.

Accountability—Funders are increasingly tying their support to stringent accountability. They want to see where their monies are going and the results that are achieved–whether it’s organizational growth and new locations or more nonprofit partnerships and matching funds. Nonprofits must provide exceptional transparency into the organization’s outcome metrics, controls, and reporting.

Stewardship—From development and accounting to operations and programming, the ability to define, track, and report outcome measures–showing where you are and where you want to go—will help ensure good stewardship. This, in turn, will boost donor confidence and strengthen your credibility—which supports your growth and your ability to pursue your mission.

We’re offering a free resource to help you assess how better metrics can help organization management and assist in gaining new sources of funding.

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