Our clients love the freedom that comes with outsourcing their accounting. For the most part, they may have had an accounting class in college, but they are not accountants. They are doctors and dentists and medical administrators who took on the task of accounting to see the practice grow.

Outsourcing the accounting of their practice allows them to better serve their patients and partners. No longer weighed down by the various accounting duties, they are in a better position to achieve their strategic goals and aspirations.

But they still want access to information. And, they don’t want to be forced to go to the office, sit down at their desk and log on to a personal computer in order to access financial information.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Working with Unalp, your financial accounting information is available to you anytime, anywhere. All you need is Internet access. Because we manage your accounting on secure, cloud-based accounting systems, you can view your information from home, while at a conference, on a plane, at an off-site meeting, or on the beach.

You can view your data on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. PC or Mac? It doesn’t matter. You can use one operating system and your partners can use another, because your information is in the cloud, all devices will work.

Unmatched Security

Mobility doesn’t mean sacrificing security. The cloud-based solutions we use on your behalf all have state-of-the-art security. There are four levels of security: physical and network security, application security, system security, and data-level security.

Poised for Success

Med Practice

Med Practice

Your decision to outsource your accounting to Unalp means that you will always have up-to-date, accurate financial information. We can even create custom dashboards that present the data of the Key Performance Indicators you want to track – pulling all the information into easy to digest reporting or graphical presentation.

As we work on your behalf, we look for ways to leverage technology for you. For example, are there workflows we can automate to save you additional time and money? Is there a way to go paperless and create electronic approval processes?

Unalp personnel has the depth of experience (accounting, industry, legal) to ensure compliance and best practices. Rather than delegating your account to a junior accounting as often happens with a large CPA firm, you have professional-to-professional representation at Unalp.

Perhaps you’ve never considered outsourcing as a solution for your practice, we are happy to discuss what we can do for you. Let’s talk about the challenges you need to address as well as the goals you have for your practice – and how we can free you up to accomplish those goals.