Executive Directors: Unleash a New Super Power

The Executive Directors of nonprofit organizations are consistently remarkable. They are passionate and articulate about their organization’s mission. They typically have impressive academic credentials and practical experience.

What they don’t have (more often than not) is financial accounting expertise. Unlike the business sector where many CEOs have once served as CFOs, the nonprofit Executive Director’s career path generally doesn’t travel through accounting departments.

Transparency and accountability begin with sound financials. Often growing nonprofits do not have the resources to build an in-house accounting department to stay on top of the day to day transactional duties as well as provide counsel on the financial health and goals of the organization.

That’s where Unalp CPA Group can help you. We offer outsourced accounting services for nonprofits – tailored to fit the needs of your organization. In most cases, outsourcing to us is less expensive than hiring in-house talent. It’s like waking up with a new super power to add to the talents and passions you already have!

We’re passionate too. We want the nonprofits serving our communities to benefit from the highest level of accounting expertise, technology tools and best practices. We believe fervently that your financial accounting can be a strategic enabler of your mission and your vision.

We help by:

  • Being proactive rather that reactive
  • Using the best nonprofit technology tools to automate workflows and ensure accuracy
  • Delivering real time reporting
  • Providing analysis and actionable recommendations as well as historical data processing
  • Developing “what if” scenarios
  • Serving as a trusted advisor
  • Being auditor friendly
  • Giving you VIP support and service

We believe that with your financial house in order not only will your decisions be better informed, you will be in a far better position to be awarded additional sources of funding.

Unalp CPA Group can professionally manage your bottom line and help you look to a flourishing future. We know that your constituents and the community are depending on you.

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